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8 Most Delicious Doughnut Shops in Scottsdale, AZ

doughnut shop

8 Most Delicious Doughnut Shops in Scottsdale, AZ

Local Info | June 16, 2023 | SWSS Staff

Who doesn’t love delicious donuts? Whether you enjoy glazed donuts, chocolate-frosted donuts, or even donut holes — there’s no denying these tasty treats are enjoyable for breakfast, snacks, dessert, and every occasion in between. Check out our pick for best doughnut shops in Scottsdale AZ.

Every Donut Shop You’ll Love in Scottsdale, Phoenix & Tempe

box of doughnuts

If you crave a delicious donut while on vacation in Scottsdale, you can visit one of these best donut shops in Scottsdale, Phoenix, or Tempe to satisfy your sweet tooth.

1. The Local Donut

The Local Donut is a down-to-earth donut shop that serves local coffee, homemade classic donuts, and creative donuts. Some of their most popular flavors include Fruity Pebbles, Maple Bacon, Oreo Cookie, Cherry Pie, Apple Pie, Peach Pie, and Salted Caramel.

The Local Donut makes all their donuts fresh every day with high-quality ingredients. In addition to its unique donut flavors, The Local Donut also offers croissants, apple fritters, and even a croissant-doughnut!

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2. Chin Up Donuts

Chin Up Donuts is one of the best donut shops in Scottsdale for pairing spicy, savory, or unexpected flavors. This woman-owned donut shop is known for its scratch-made brioche donuts that are denser than traditional donuts but offer a buttery consistency that isn’t overly sweet.

Popular flavors include Lavender Fields, Birthday Cake, Lemon Poppy, and Brown Butter + Sea Salt, but other fun flavors in the rotation include Toffee Time, Whoa Wasabi, and Whiskey Pigness — a maple bacon whiskey brown sugar donut. Yum!

3. Bosa Donuts

Bosa Donuts is a local donut chain with dozens of locations across Arizona. They offer classic raised, traditional cake, and devil’s food cake donuts, with popular flavors like Cinnamon Sugar, Chocolate Sprinkle, Boston Cream, Chocolate Glazed, and Maple Bar in the mix. You’ll also find “fancies” on their menu — including an apple fritter, bear claw, and cinnamon roll.

In addition to donuts, Bosa Donuts also offers sandwiches, muffins, croissants, bagels, and drinks, including coffee, tea, smoothies, and even shaved ice. Bosa Donuts argues they have the “Best Donuts in Arizona” — try for yourself to see if it’s true!

4. Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme may not be local to Scottsdale, but it’s hard to argue that anyone can make a glazed donut better than this national chain — which is why we decided it earns a spot on this list of the best donut shops in Scottsdale!

However, Krispy Kreme offers more than just the Original Glazed Doughnut. You can also order other delicious flavors and donut styles, including jelly-filled donuts, cake donuts, custard-filled donuts, miniature donuts, and donut holes. They also offer rotating seasonal flavors — so keep your eyes peeled on the menu for a new favorite flavor!

5. Rollover Doughnuts

Rollover Doughnuts is located in the same building as Short Least Hotdogs — an innovative hotdog restaurant — in the Melrose District in Downtown Phoenix.

This little donut shop offers some awesome donuts with creative flavors, including Key Lime Coconut, Cold Brew Cream + Walnut Streusel, Chocolate Caramel Coconut, Blackberry Jam + Lavender Sugar, Orange Glaze + Pistachios, and Chai Filled + Maple Glaze. With flavors as delicious as that — how do you choose just one?

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6. Rainbow Donuts Cafe

Rainbow Donuts Cafe is a family-owned business that makes all its donuts fresh daily in small batches with quality ingredients. They offer various donuts, including raised, cake, old-fashioned, buttermilk, jelly-filled, creme-filled, and more.

Rainbow Donuts Cafe offers a “Happy Hour Dozen” from 1 PM – 3 PM on Monday through Wednesday. You’ll receive an assorted dozen donuts for just $8.99. At the end of each day, Rainbow Donuts Cafe also donates its leftover donuts to St. Vincent de Paul, a local church, so you can always count on them to have fresh donuts daily.

7. Cup’d Coffee

Cup’d Coffee, formerly Crave Grounds, is a local coffee shop in Scottsdale, AZ. In addition to serving house-roasted coffee, craft lattes, and fragrant teas, they also offer delicious treats (including donuts!) from local bakeries, including LemmeEat Gluten Free, Sweet and Divine, Dolce Estrella Baking, and Shut My Mouth Bakery.

8. Hurts Donuts

Hurts Donuts is another national chain and favorite donut shop in Tempe. They offer unique donuts and baked goods, including Bars & Long Johns, Ring Donuts, Bullseye Donuts, Bismark Donuts, and Chocolate, White, and Red Velvet Cake Donuts.

Some good donuts at Hurts Donuts include the Cookie Monster, Caramel Apple, S’mores, Coconut Cream Pie, Blueberry Streusel, and Bavarian Cream Filled — similar to Boston Cream. The flavors at Hurts Donuts are as unique and innovative as they come, so you’ll have to visit for yourself to find a new favorite!

Find Your New Favorite Donuts During Your Scottsdale Vacation

woman holding a doughnut

Whether you head to a local donut shop or a popular chain, like Krispy Kreme or Bosa Donuts, you’re sure to find a tasty donut (or two!) to snack on during your visit to Scottsdale, Arizona, from this list of the best donut places in Scottsdale.

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Find your perfect getaway with unparalleled luxury in Scottsdale! Choose from our premier rental properties and secure your spot for an indulgent Arizona retreat.


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